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Commons cargo bike sharing: A tool for bottom-up mobility transition!?

From Forum Freie Lastenräder
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Invitation: A Skype conference for cargo bike and commons activists from across Europe

Saturday, 23 February 2019 at 14:00-15.30

If you are interested in joining the Skype conference please get in touch via E-Mail:

Forum freie Lastenräder 2018

With participants of the "Forum Freie Lastenräder" 2019 in Augsburg (Germany) – the annual meeting of commons cargo bike sharing initiatives. Supported by the European project City Changer Cargo Bike.

Cargo bikes offer a great potential of replacing cars in urban areas. But they are still rare or onsidered as too expensive. Also only a few people need a private cargo bike every day. This is where the commons cargo bike sharing movement wants to make a difference.

The Forum Freie Lastenräder (FFL, „Union of Commons Cargo Bike Sharing Initiatives“) is a fast growing alliance of currently more than 70 independent local cargo bike sharing initiatives in Germany, Austria and Hungary. Together, we offer more than 150 commons cargo bikes based on voluntary donations to more than 10,000 registered users. We provide an annual conference, an online knowledge base as well as a custom-built, open-source booking software. We make commons cargo bike sharing as easy as possible. Learn more at: Commons Cargobikes

At our upcoming annual meeting (Forum Freie Lastenräder) in Augsburg on 22. February 2019 we reach out to activists and groups across Europe to introduce the concept of commons cargo bike sharing and discuss its potential in other European countries. The European project City Changer Cargo Bike ( will be part of the discussion and could become a partner in enabeling and promoting commons cargo bike sharing in cities across Europe.

If you want to join the Forum Freie Lastenräder in Augsburg in person or have any questions about it's program or the Skype call please get in touch.

Kind regards

– Hannes Wöhrle (KASIMIR – Dein Lastenrad, Cologne;

– Arne Behrensen (, Berlin;

– Forum Freie Lastenräder / Union of Commons Cargo Bike Sharing Initiatives – working group European outreach;